Our Pastor, James E. Shackelford

James E. Shackelford, a native of Ohio, is the founder of Church of the Deliverance located in Killeen, Texas. He has been serving in the ministry for 20 years. Pastor Shackelford was born on August 31, 1963 on Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio; upon graduation from high school, he joined the U.S. Army. From 1981 to 1990, Pastor Shackelford traveled the world from duty station to duty station.

In April 1992, Pastor Shackelford deployed to California for an NTC exercise. It was during this deployment in the desert that he experienced a religious turning point and on Easter Sunday, he gave his life to Christ. Pastor Shackelford was sent to Germany where he was called into the ministry. While in Germany he was able to teach and preach at a local church, and also served as a military chaplain. Upon redeployment, Pastor Shackelford grew weary of looking for a church, which led him to begin teaching Bible Study from his home. Pastor Shackelford served in the ministry unselfishly for more than ten years while working in the military. Pastor Shackelford was medically retired in March of 2008, which turned into him serving as pastor full time.

Pastor Shackelford is also an active member of community; volunteering and tutoring at several schools. He also visits and counsels medical hold soldiers that are returning from the war. Pastor Shackelford ministers with a heart- felt compassion to see people living a truly blessed life.

I like having the openness where I can call on my Pastor at any time to talk. He is down to earth, He will teach you mentor you and not make you feel isolated for not being perfect. He is a true man of God; a true Leader –Bro Henderson

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